Troubleshooting Guide

This section provides details regarding the possible errors that customers may face while using the Winn-Dixie Mobile Services. It also lists the steps involved in resolving the same. The issues are categorized below:

Installation Issues

ePharmacy Registration & Login Issues

Application Functionality

Configuration Issues

Miscellaneous Issues

I did not see a resolution here...

If you are not successful at resolving your issue and need to contact Technical Support, collecting the following information will help in getting a speedier resolution:
  1. Briefly describe the problem.
  2. If it is possible to reproduce the problem, document the steps to do so.
  3. Note the date and time the incident(s) occurred.
  4. Note the mobile number, mobile device model & manufacturer, mobile carrier, user name, date of birth, email address used when creating your account and best number to reach you.

Contact Us

Winn-Dixie Mobile Technical Support: Send query to wdsupport@mscripts.com or call (866) 806-2435 for additional assistance. You can also email Customer Care directly from the phone application in Settings screen.